Maintain a Neat RV with Curtains on Track

The Flex Track is a great curtain rod system for your home. With wall and window mounted options, dual tracks, electric and manual systems, you can easily keep your windows clutter free and your curtains in place in the home. With the right rv curtain track you can do the same. RV curtains tend to get jumbled up especially when you’re on the road and the vehicle is moving so much. Or, if the curtains aren’t the right size for the RV’s windows, this can cause them to fall off, hang too low, or just look untidy when the RV is parked. 

Clutter free space

An RV curtain track will keep your RV curtains on track. They will not fall out of place, they won’t get stuck behind a door, and they won’t get caught between moving objects on the road. The use of simple sliding mechanisms, and curtain rod clips, will keep the RV curtain from falling or wedging up, which causes them to get stuck. And, when the RV curtains are on track, they are going to slide seamlessly, so they won’t get caught or jam when you want to open and close the curtains to let the sunshine in, or to shade your RV when the time comes to relax and unwind. 

Simple hardware and installation

If you don’t want to deal with hefty mechanisms, mounts, and a complicated system for your V curtain track, the Flex Track has exactly what you are looking for. With simple moving pieces, various sized mounting systems, and curtain rods, pins, and kits for any RV curtain and material, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your RV when the time comes to update your window fixtures in the space. 

RV curtains are the kind of thing you really don’t think about, until you see them jumbled up in the corner, or until you can’t open and close the curtains entirely because they aren’t perfectly installed. And, they really don’t make much of a difference in the RV, until the moment they don’t want to function in the manner you want them to function. 

There are several options for keeping your window curtains in place in your RV. If you want something easy, and if you want to find the perfect custom fit for your RV and curtain needs, the Flex track has a system for every RV, curtain material, and space, when you’re ready to install updated window fixtures.