Treating Back Pain In the Elderly

As people grow older, their bodies may start to show signs of wear and tear. This is especially true for people who have worked in labour-intensive sectors or those who have spent a lifetime subjecting their body to physically demanding adventures.

The hips that helped you over slopes at high altitudes and knees that allowed you to glide through the steps of complicated dances may start to become painful at times. You may even reach a point where you decide to speak to your doctor about the pain that you’re experiencing. There are several treatment options that can help you to return to your regular activities.

Physical Therapy

Many doctors may recommend physical therapy as a part of the treatment regimen for addressing pain in the elderly. Physical therapy helps you to strengthen the muscles in your back and other parts of your body.

A therapist will also help you to gain flexibility and each exercise reduces excessive strain on some joints. Over time, with the assistance of your therapist, you may find that you regain some of the mobility that you had lost.

However, there are cases where physical therapy is not enough. In these cases, your doctor may discuss the possibility of doing a surgical procedure that improves your health. gives information on procedures that can help you to deal with back pain and other types of pain.

Surgical Options

Surgical options may be recommended where there has been significant degeneration of the joints. Some surgical options are also useful when the ligaments have become injured.

Doctors are usually not hasty in recommending surgical options such as spinal fusion because they often prefer to use non-invasive methods. In fact at times they may suggest that you try an injection, if medication and physical therapy have not significantly reduced your pain.

Some elderly people develop bone spurs over time. Such spurs can put pressure on the nerves and this causes pain. In some surgical procedures, your doctor may remove the spur or remove bone, so that the nerves aren’t placed under pressure.

They may even remove ligaments so that you feel more comfortable and can move around in a more relaxed manner as you go about your daily activities. Surgery is not an option for everyone, but it can help a lot of older people to regain their quality of life. If you’re experiencing pain, talk to your doctor about the alternatives that are available.