How To Apply For A Small Business Startup Loan

Starting a business is not easy, especially without any financial assistance. Thankfully, there are a few smart strategies you can use to secure a loan for a start-up but will require some work from your end. Below is a step by step guide that’ll help you obtain a loan to kick-start the business of your dreams:

Be aware of the start-up costs

It would be in your best interest to have all the necessary estimates at the tips of your fingers before approaching your lender. Approaching your lender is like approaching the girl of your dreams. It requires a lot of pre-planning before the final execution. The last thing you want to resort to in this situation is guesswork. As enticing as guessing is, don’t resort to it! And while you’re at it, you should also be working towards building your credit score. That way, potential creditors will have an easy time giving you the much-needed financial boost.

Build your assets

If you want to access loans for start ups with ease, then start by accruing a few valuable assets. Having assets is the best form of assurance to your prospective creditors that you’re not a flight risk. Way too many guys who look just like you have in the past been awarded loans and boof! They disappeared. Never to be seen again. But if you have valuable assets to your name, then it’ll be easier for you to secure the loan. The assets in question may include the business itself, a piece of land, a building, bonds, etc.

Have a customer base

Another essential thing that creditors love to look out for is the customer base. If your business doesn’t have customers, then that’s not a business. It’s a joke… a terrible joke. And creditors don’t invest in-jokes, well, unless you’re running a comedy show. So, before approaching anyone for loans for startups, then you have to find a customer base. And the best way to have a customer base is by offering something that they want. Plain and simple.


I know the opening statement is enough to discourage half of the millennials reading this piece. So, I am glad that you made it to this point without throwing in the proverbial towel. Still, starting a business is not easy. So, you have to endure the hard times and even have a backup plan should it fail to take off. And no, your back up plan shouldn’t be taking off with the loan and pray for the gods to sort the bank out.

You might want to have some money, or assets set aside as a backup plan. You might also want to have a financial advisor to …

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Taking Credit Card Payments Over The Phone Regulations

For decades people have plugged their credit and debit cards into physical payment terminals, punched some buttons, and waited anxiously for the machine to beep before whisking away their new purchases. A customer swiping a credit card at a cash register is an iconic image of American shopping, right out of a 1980s movie montage. However, today not all purchases with a card are made this way.

What Are Virtual Payment Terminals?

The need for flexibility in payment methods has made virtual payment terminals popular. These terminals turn a computer into a device to accept payments via web-based applications. Virtual payment terminals will transform your simple computer into a machine in the gears of commerce. You can be anywhere, at any hour of the day, and as long as you have your computer, you will have a way to process customer payments.

Who Should Use Them?

Back in the day when most shopping was done at the mall or on Main Street, it made sense for vendors to have a 30-pound cash register, complete with a credit card payment system. That works fine if you’re staying in one place, but if you happen to be an artist on your way to the city art festival, good luck strapping that 30-pound box to your back. Sure, there will be the occasional artist that also lifts large rocks for fun, but most people would probably cherish the convenience of a virtual payment terminal. There are many circumstances where this ease of payment could come in handy.

Much of the world of commerce has moved away from the traditional brick and mortar store. Even the nature of jobs themselves has become more fluid in location, with offices and workspaces leaning toward the mobile and temporary. A professional writer may meet with a client in person or may chat over the phone. The same holds true for lawyers, consultants, and financial advisors. A designer may enjoy the convenience of carrying a laptop to a client meeting to take notes, draw up ideas, and also take payment, all on one device.

How Do Virtual Payment Terminals Work?

Virtual payment terminals are ideal for instances when business owners find it easier to collect a client’s payment info and don’t have the client’s credit or debit card physically present. This type of transaction is called a card-not-present transaction and typically requires that credit card data be manually entered. The transaction will be secure because it passes through a payment gateway, which uses data encryption tools to secure the client’s information. Further security can be added by authenticating the transaction with address verification or inputting the card CVV number.

As you can see, the process of using …

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Questions To Ask A Family When Preparing For A Funeral

When you lose a loved one, it can be very painful and difficult to cope with. However, it’s your responsibility to give them a good send off and ensure their spirit rests in peace. 

 Finding a funeral home that is caring, knowledgeable, professional, and who will listen and meet your needs, is vital to you and your family.

A good funeral home or cremation provider will give much-needed support during this difficult time and help you plan for a service that honors the person’s life and legacy

Unfortunately finding such kind of a funeral home isn’t easy and some are so expensive that they will leave with huge debts. However, with the following tips, you can find a funeral home that suits you and your budget. 

1. Consult with your family

Before looking for a funeral home, talk with your family and decide on an appropriate budget that’s affordable for you. Shopping for a funeral home need to be like shopping any other item on the market. So know what you can afford to spend. 

Ask your family if they have preferences about the type of arrangement and whether the deceased left any written instructions. 

2. Choose the type of arrangement

After deciding on the budget, choose the type of final arrangement. There are several final arrangements that are available. Some of these include donating the body to a medical school or research facility, direct cremation, or direct burial where there’s no embalming or visitation

Whatever you decide, note it down in detail as it will help you determine the best, and most affordable funeral home or cremation provider for your needs.

3. Get a list of providers and compare prices

First, find out the average cost of funeral home services in your area to give you a baseline cost for comparison. Then find several funeral homes in your area and check their prices. You may get them from your friends or family or even online. You can call them to ask for prices and to help you narrow down the list to about three. 

4. Visit the funeral homes

Book appointments to visit the funeral homes if possible. You can prepare a list of questions to ask and bring a friend or family member for emotional support and advice. Ask the funeral home director about their services, packages in each price range and their pricing of services. Note how he or she answers your questions. If he or she tries to evade some questions, then they cannot be trusted. Check the facility of it’s clean and listen to your gut. Also, ask about written quotes so that you can compare with others. 

5. Make a decision

When you’ve thoroughly …

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All In One Kitchen Appliances That Prepare & Cook

Once you’ve moved into the kitchen of your dreams, it’s time to start accessorizing! Kitchen appliances accessories are a fun and easy way to bring your personality into the kitchen while also being practical. Having the necessary tools to make that next delicious meal is an absolute must not only because it makes your life easier to have everything you need, but it also helps to make the food taste better and to be cooked more efficiently. Most accessories nowadays also allow  for you to interject some personality into your kitchen by way of cat-shaped saltshakers or flower-shaped egg beaters. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your accessories. They’re a great way to spice up your kitchen (pun intended)! Here are some of the top must-haves for any kitchen:

High Quality Chef’s Knife

There is a reason that those butcher block knife sets are so expensive – they’re worth it! If you haven’t been using a proper chef’s knife when cooking, you don’t know what you’re missing. Switching to a high-quality knife makes a night and day difference in your cooking. These knives are so much sharper and heavier making cutting and chopping infinitely easier. Yes, it’s a big investment, but a high quality knife is going to last for years, especially if you care for it and continue to sharpen the blade. It’s well worth the extra cost.

Cutting Board

There are a variety of different types of cutting boards to suit your needs. Everything from plastic to silicone to wood. Each has their own pluses and minus, and if you want to go really crazy with it, you can get all three types! Plastic cutting boards are good for every day chopping as they’re durable and easy to clean. Silicone boards are great for cutting large amounts of finely chopped herbs or vegetables since you can fold the board in half once you’re done and pour the contents right into the bowl. Wooden cutting boards are the most expensive, but they also look the nicest and last the longest. They can also double as a serving board for cheese and crackers or other vegetables during a dinner party.   

Copper Grill Mat

Non-stick copper grill mats are a great accessory even if you aren’t grilling because they can be used in the oven as well! For those that gave a grill, copper grill mats make barbecuing so much easier! They stop meat from falling through the cracks in the grates, stop grease from falling into the flames and causing flare-ups, and they distribute the heat evenly cooking each item on the mat at the same speed. The same uses apply when using the mats in a

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3 Tips For What To Do After a Dog Bites You Or Your Family Member

If you have already suffered injuries from dog attacks, you are primarily seeking medical treatment. Dog bites can cause many types of injuries, ranging from muscle or ligament damage to significant tissue damage. One of the most important consequences of a serious bite injury is the risk of infection. But now the question remains, what will you do about it? Just let it go? Or talk to the insurance company that represents the owner of the dog? Or should you consult with a lawyer? You have several options.

Many dog ​​attack victims are reluctant to consult with a dog bite lawyer. It can be an embarrassing situation; Maybe you know the owner of the dog, maybe it’s friends, relatives or neighbors. For whatever reason, you have decided not to consult with a personal injury lawyer. Maybe you should reconsider your position “to do nothing”. You may not immediately realize how complicated injuries can be if you have been bitten by a dog.

If you do not consult with a lawyer, you may end up losing much more than you can imagine. What so many people do not realize is that with dog bites you can suffer more injuries than just the actual bite: you can lose valuable time from work and have thousands of dollars in medical bills. Even unforeseen future medical issues can add up: things like wound infection or a plastic surgery to repair the damage. Therefore, you must consult a lawyer as soon as possible. On the other side of the road, you may find that nerves are damaged and you may need physical therapy.

So, who will complain in the case of a dog biting lawsuit? Most of the time it is the dog owner’s insurance company. Are you qualified to conduct negotiations with the insurance company? Remember, the insurance company wants a fast, cheap settlement. They are not on your side. Your lawyer will be able to assess the situation to provide the best possible solution for you in your dog bite process.

What if the dog owner has no insurance? You may be able to sue the dog owner directly. This may depend on the severity of dog bite injuries and the relationship between you and the dog owner. Why do you rely on a dog bite lawyer? Some animal welfare authorities have you file an anonymous complaint while others need your information, which can then be obtained from the dog owner.

A quick call to a lawyer will normally be enough to see if you have a good case for a claim. If the dog attack occurred during the season with a dog or if you attacked it in a different way, this …

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What Happens If You Bail Someone Out Of Jail And They Run

Future is very uncertain. What if you suddenly get an emergency call from a close friend or a family member that they have been arrested and you need to get them bailed? It is obvious you would wish to make them come out of the problem as soon as you can, but bailing is not that simple. In this situation, if you have bail bond at hand, then you can easily get your loved one bailed. To avail this facility.

Whenever someone is arrested, he is sent to the detention center for booking. There, his background is checked, his photographs are taken, fingerprinting is done, and the nationwide warrant is searched. All the personal belongings of the person are collected, and he is searched for weapons. His belongings will be given to him after being released. This will just take 2 to 6 hours. The defendant can only be bailed after this processing is completed. In the meantime, the defendant can make a phone call to any of his friends or family member, and they may make arrangements for the bail during that time.

The defendant is bailed with some amount of money. This amount can be high or low on the basis of the previous criminal history of the person. The bail amount also depends on how much the crime was severe. If the charge was serious, then the amount of the bail is going to be high of course. There are other factors on which the bail amount depends. If the judge thinks that the defendant will not return to the court, then he might set a high amount for the bail.

Bail amount is fixed so that the defendant comes back and faces whatever he did. The amount can range from 10 to 100 hundred and even thousand dollars. It’s easy to get involved in criminal activity, but it’s not easy to pay the bill. This makes us come around to the fact that there are some people who cannot afford to pay such a high amount for the release. The problem is you will have to pay this penalty whether you like it or not. Some people have to present their house or some other assets as collateral get money for the bail.

It would be better for you to find a bail bondsman to help. Approaching Ventura bail bonds is the most affordable solution to this problem. There are certain regulations associated with the bail bond, and the cost of the bond may vary from state to state. But this amount is fixed, the bondsman has no right to increase or decrease it.…

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Aesthetic Fencing Designs For Yards & Pools

A sparkling beautiful swimming pool is the crowning jewel of a good landscaped yard. However, if not properly fenced, it can be dangerous. Since pool fences are never attractive, designers struggle with this safety element. You may not need such a fence if it is an all-adult community. However, if the backyard is frequented by children and pets, the fence will be necessary. There are various ways to make the pool fence in your backyard look better and blend into the surroundings. This should be done professionally that will adhere to governmental standards. You can hire a skilled designer who will assess your lifestyle and the site to decide the best way to install a swimming pool safety fence. The following are three basic strategies:

  1. Perimeter Fence: A perimeter fence can be used as a pool safety fence around the yard. Such a fence must meet the gate and height requirements as stipulated by the safety code.
  2. Interior Fence: This is a fence that leaves the yard open to personal as well as general use. It encloses the pool area.
  3. Removable Fence: This fence can be removed partially or entirely for a short time to allow access to the pool. This solution is great for parties when the pool and house become one large space. When the children are young, it provides pool security. However once they are old enough, the fence is removed and the code requirements are met by a perimeter fence. If there is concern for pets or children who may have access to the pool, the fence should be designed in a way that it can be reinstalled anytime.

Regulations for a Typical Pool Fence

This applies to non-portable spas, swimming pools and hot tubs. Regulations may vary by city and state. Before constructing a fence, you must verify with the local building department.

  1. The top of the fence should be about 48 inches above grade. The gap should not be more than 4 inches between the bottom of the fence and the finish grade.
  2. Openings in that fence must not allow for the passage of a four-inch diameter sphere.

III. Solid fences must not have protrusions or indentations.

  1. Spacing between the vertical members should not be more than 4”
  2. For chain link, the maximum mesh size should not be more than 1-3/4”
  3. Gates should open outwards, away from the pool. They should be self latching and self closing.

VII. The fence should be clear of any structure that might be used to climb over.


Majority of the pool safety fences are made of powder coated steel or aluminum. Fences constructed with aluminum are the best to surround your pool. The aluminum construction protects …

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The Decision To Undergo Plastic Surgery Should Not Be Made Lightly

Often, the primary reason why many people undergo plastic surgery is to improve their appearance. However, there are lots of other potential benefits of plastic surgery depending on the procedure you get and the reason behind it. If you’re still undecided whether to have cosmetic surgery or not, here are four important benefits that will change your mind:

Improved Self Confidence

Like it or not, we live in a society that focuses on beauty and appearance more than anything else. People will judge you by the way you look first, before they get to know you. This makes it extremely difficult to fit among other people if you have conditions that the society doesn’t consider normal, like birthmarks, extremely large breasts, and six fingers or toes among others.

Luckily, plastic surgery, when done properly by a certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Davis Nguyen, can help to correct or reshape your deformed body part, and make you feel normal again. When you look good, you’ll definitely feel good about yourself.

Improved Social Life

People with increased self confidence are more willing to open up in social situations and participate in activities that they previously avoided because of their appearance. Therefore, having plastic surgery can greatly boost your social life.

Improved Physical Health

Other than making you look good, certain types of plastic surgery can also help improve your physical health. For instance, people who undergo rhinoplasty will also be able to breathe better and snore less after the recovery is complete. On the other hand, breast reduction surgery can help to ease the physical discomfort (like back, shoulder and neck pain) caused by disproportionately large breasts.

In addition, liposuction can help remove excess fat deposits from your body, improve your body shape and help you maintain a healthy weight. With less weight, you have a much lower risk of developing lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack and obesity. In addition, you will also be able to enjoy less pain and stiffness on your joints because they won’t have as much weight and pressure on them.

More Opportunities

With improved appearance and self confidence, more and better opportunities are also likely to come your way. With our image conscious society, it is not a surprise that more attractive people enjoy more personal and professional opportunities and success. Therefore, you can look forward to making more business deals or getting promoted at work. If you are in the entertainment industry, you’re more likely to make more friends and connections and getting more dinner and party invites.

Overall, there are so many benefits of plastic surgery other than improving your appearance. For best results, it is very important that you visit a …

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Planned Vacationing on a Budget

If you feel the need for a quick get-away but are hindered by a tight budget then a planned vacation is definitely the right place for you. Characterized by their customer driven design vacation hotels feature spacious rooms with comfortable tempur-pedic beds and decor which will make you feel like you have received all star treatment. Some rooms can accommodate as many as four persons, to that end; it is a perfect for friends to pool resources to book a room.

The central tourism locations of most hotels makes for enjoyable night life as it surrounding by some of the hottest beaches and restaurants in the area. Whether you prefer to dance up a storm or sit and enjoy a good meal with a glass of wine a place like a catalina hotel makes that possible not only because it is surrounded by venues that offer these and other varieties of night time activities, but also because the hotel itself features, not one but three great venues for good food and a good time. For instance, if you go out clubbing one night and come back with the munchies, a bistro and bar at the hotel will be open with their all day long breakfast menu. Other dining spots are also open for up tempo night life and goes as late or early (depending on your perspective) as 3 A.M. If you are interested in nighttime activities that are mid-way between sedentary and upbeat, then a cafe may be the perfect hang out spot. The ambiance is great for a couple or friends to meet up for cocktails or for the free and single to catch a hot date.

Vacation hotels also make a great venue for several events including birthday parties, bachelor and/or bachelorette parties as well as anniversary celebrations. Their friendly and courteous staff is trained to ensure that you event is executed seamlessly to the extent that they are responsible for the execution, maintaining an atmosphere of vibrancy and class.

You will not regret staying at a vacation hotel, where they truly dedicate themselves to making your stay an enjoyable one for a fraction of the cost associated with other establishments which still do not compare favorably with their treatment. There is a reason visitors keep coming back year after year, sometimes twice per year. Visit a vacation destination and experience hotel with a difference.…

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Time to Repair or Sell

In order to select the most appropriate auto repair expert you have to take different factors into consideration. For instance, you may like to have the services within a given time frame. In such a circumstance you will have to look for mechanics who have good reputation when it comes to offering the repair services while taking the shortest time possible. You will easily know whether the mechanics are able to offer the services in your given period of time after you consider the professionalism in the business and the technology that they use to offer the services.

Companies that employ the latest technology are the best for you to hire for the services because they will enable you access the details easily. The following are some ideas for you to help decide on the best auto repair experts. Consider hiring auto repair experts with a lot of experience. In order to be assured of quality services you need to hire professionals who have a lot of experience in offering the repair service. This is necessary in order to avoid incidences where you will hire mechanics who will offer you substandard repairs due to their lack of experience. In order to know the experience of the experts you have to take your time and read reviews from where you will know the period of time in which the expert have been serving.

Hire auto repair experts who have the best rates for the services. To save your money you need to hire experts who have the best rates. You will only know whether the experts are offering the services at the best rates or otherwise after you compare the rates of the services offered with other companies available. While comparing the rates of the services offered by the experts you need to consider whether the experts are offering quality services because there are some mechanics who will quote attractive rates but they finally expose you to different hidden charges which will lead you to paying too much for the services. You may end up thinking why I didn’t sell my car for cash if the charges end up being more than the worth of the car itself. This can end up inconveniencing you hence you have to take your time and take different factors into consideration before you decide on a given professional. There could be a certain group of auto repair mechanics that have hidden charges  that you need to consider while carrying out your price comparison so that you will decide on only the best.…

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